Guild Challenges


The 70,273 Project

At the April 12th Guild meeting we will continue to collect blocks for "The 70273 Project," which is a sewing project to raise awareness of the disabled people killed before the holocaust. Each participant will make one white block with two red X's on it. This was how disabled people were marked for death.

Each block should contain the image of 2 red "X"s on a white, or white-on-white background, with a margin of ¼ to ½ inch so the red X is not lost when the blocks are sewn together; no other images or designs should appear. These can be pieced or appliquéd. You can read more about the project at Show a little love for the many souls lost during this abominable time and make one or more blocks. The three sizes of blocks requested are

These sizes include the ¼ to ½ inch of white surround and the ¼ inch seam allowance, i.e. these are the unfinished sizes. Because reds can be so unpredictable, please pre-wash your red fabric (shocking words from this anti-pre-washer), and check it for bleeding and crocking.

When your block is done, fill out a Provenance Form and attach your blocks to it. A Provenance form must accompany each submission.

We will accept blocks at the April Guild meeting. All the blocks will be assembled into a top, quilted, and bound, and the completed quilt forwarded to The 70273 Project from the Quilters Guild of Plano. If more than one top can be made we will be thrilled and send a second, or third, completed quilt to the Project. Show a little love for the many souls lost during this abominable time and make one or more blocks.

You can read more about the project at the following links:

Ugly Fabric Challenge

At the January Guild meeting, 24 Guild members swapped almost 300 Ugly Fabric squares. As expected, the most overheard comment was, "But, I like this fabric." Thank you all for participating, and now for the challenge:

You can make any quilted item you want to make - a quilt, tote, vest, table-runner, bag, purse, housecoat, leg-warmers, table-topper... (get it, anything), but it MUST be quilted, and it MUST contain a representative piece of each fabric you received in the swap in a visible location. You can add anything you want, but you cannot use less than one piece of each of the swap fabrics. This is an "on your honor" challenge, as there is no way to double check that you used all that you received. The BIG REVEAL will be at the July Meeting, so you have tons of time to procrastinate; just don't misplace your fabric.

If you have any questions contact Janet Plotkin.

Previous Challenges

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